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Personal Statement

Sandeep Damre grew up in Bilaspur, a big town in the erstwhile state of Madhya Pradesh. It was known for its railway establishments in central India. He was an artist by his very nature, a talent that he had inherited from his mother. The artist in him was encouraged by his high school principal at Saraswati Shishu Mandir. But his father always wanted him to focus on his academics to become an engineer. His destiny made a mid-course correction. A lady examination supervisor saw him sketching in the lunch break during an engineering entrance examination. Amazed by his skills, she told him that he is destined to be an artist and he must seek his college education in Fine Arts which uptill then was something he had never heard of. Colors and pictures had always fascinated him but it took him a while to convince his father who always felt that all that an artist can do is end up as a billboard painter. He started off his artistic endeavors at a small Fine Arts College known as Chitrakala Vidyalaya in Nagpur. However, he was destined for bigger things and after two years of struggle, he finally got admission into the world renowned institute of Fine Arts at Faculty of Fine Arts, Vadodara in 1994. He graduated with a degree in Applied Arts in 1998. It was during this period that he got to attend a workshop in photography conducted by Thomas Lutge from Germany. The workshops enriched his understanding of the art of photography and nurtured his passion for the same. His photographs were exhibited in various shows in India and Germany. After graduation, he plunged headlong into the corporate advertising but his heart remained rooted in photography. He worked for Navnitlal & Co. Advertising Agency, Ahmedabad from 2002 to 2005 during which he directed corporate films and documentaries. This kindled the desire in him to setup his studio. To facilitate this and to gain experience he went to London for three years from 2006-09. He came back to Ahmedabad, India where he set up Studio 60 in September 2009. Unity in diversity is what comes to thoughts when one speaks of India. A country with people from different cultures, religions, regions Besides being such enjoyable sight, every act and every ritual has an interesting story, myth, belief attached to it. That is India known for its cultural and bio-diversity. The film 'Circle of Light' holds a special place for him as the direction and video were done by him shot using Canon 5D mark2 camera. M: +919727587910 E:

About Sandeep

Specialization / Skills

Photography / Graphic Design



1984 Jul to 1998 Aug

M. S. University, Vadodara

Afghanistan, Ahmedabad

BFA (Applied Arts) - Graphic Design


DMDA from Aptech in 1998

Achievements / Awards

Silver Award

UNFCCC Changing Lives in 2009

Exhibitions / Concerts / Events

Behind the well (Photography Exhibition)


jan, 2014

Behind the well (Photography Exhibition)


jan, 2014


Art Director( Studio 60 )

India- Ahmedabad

Oct 2009 - Dec 2017

Commercial Photography and Films


English - Proficient


Traveling, music and motorcycle Riding

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