Live Your Creative Life Fully

We made CreoYou for YOU

CreoYou is for all of you who recognize yourself as artists.

CreoYou is for all of you closeted artists who hesitate to showcase your creations.

CreoYou is for all of you who simply love art, creativity and creative talent.

CreoYou provides you with a global platform to promote your creative urge and get connected to other creative minds. It is a great place to get inspired and learn what’s happing in your interest field. It allows you to collaborate with your peers and embark on your next big project. CreoYou is your own website customized to your needs where you can showcase your creativity to a global audience, connect with opportunities and with clients to transform your art and creativity into a source of earning. Whether you are a professional artist or in some other profession with a passion in an art form, CreoYou is the place where you can promote your creative talent and bring it in front of the world

Showcase your creativity beautifully

Beautifully designed portfolio gallery where you can showcase your creation. Share your creative journey through beautiful photos, focus the spotlight on your latest video or bring down the house through your latest soundtrack. Share your creation with your peers and clients in a clean, simple and safe space.

Now it is even simpler to share your work with anyone and everyone with your own personalized URL

Connect, Collaborate and Inspire

CreoYou is a global platform and it allows you to share your creation with people from any corner of the world. It isn’t mere social networking, it is so much more. It is a safe space to start a creative dialogue. It is an ideal space to connect with your clients living across the continent. It is a place to get inspired by artists across the globe. It is a place to expand not just your social network but your creative network.

Right place for the right opportunity

CreoYou is uniquely build especially for artists to find the right opportunity to further their creative growth. Our job feature is solely built to connect right individuals to the right creative opportunity. It is a place where a singer can connect with a music director, a design director connects with an advertising agency, a photographer connects with a wedding planner, a glass artist connects with an interior designer or a weaver connects with textile designer. The list is endless and so are the opportunities. No matter who you are, what your creative field is, or what your skill level may be, someone is out there looking for YOU. Join CreoYou and find out who is searching for you.

Create and publicize your upcoming event

Instantly notify your network about your upcoming events. Create and invite your connections to your events or advertise your event to get prominence in creative world. Find out about the latest and most happening events around the globe through CreoYou Events

Share your creativity

We’ve made it easy for you to share your creativity seamlessly via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Whatsapp and more. No matter where your contacts, clients and social network lives, you can share across multiple platforms all with a single click.

Your creation is safe here.

Your profile - Protected
You have the flexibility to control your privacy at every level whether it is your portfolio, your events or what you have written about yourself.


Premium Membership

Show More, Do More, Be More

Premium membership on CreoYou offers great features

  • Premium Badge
  • Share your personal/company URL
  • Show your business location
  • See who has viewed your profile
  • Upload resume while applying for job
  • Much more
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