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Personal Statement

I am seriously into food. If you ever go looking for me, you will probably find me with some food in my hands.At a very young age, I developed my love for food and cooking. I quickly realized I much rather be in the kitchen than anywhere else. Though cooking was only a hobby, at eleven years old I had the amazing opportunity to compete on “Chopped” on the Food Network which changed my life forever. I never saw it coming but “Chopped” is what turned my passion for cooking into my career. Within a short time after its airing, I was hired to do cooking demos all over the Tri-state area, won an award, and even cooked on live television. Though we all thought the excitement over my appearance on “Chopped” would eventually die down….it never did. It is three years later and I am still as busy as ever. I am a firm believer that your age does not define what you can accomplish, just how long you’ve had to accomplish it. Soon after my appearance on the Food Network, I started my food blog, as a hobby and as a way to share my culinary adventures with my growing followers. Then after a year of periodic posts, I challenged myself to start posting new recipes on a weekly basis. It was a great decision that has resulted in many more opportunities for me. I constantly am working on my blog and have teamed up with over 10 of my favorite companies. I am honored to have created recipes with their cool products. So as you can gather, I am an all around foodie. If you make any of my recipes or have more questions about food, cooking, food photography, food blogging, or anything else, feel free to message me. Being a teenager, I am on my phone practically all day so you can contact me on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. I would be happy to answer your questions! Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy what you see!

About Jamie

Specialization / Skills

food blogger, food photographer, recipe developer and all around foodie


primary school

1980 Jul to 1990 May

William Hulme's Grammar School

United Kingdom, Manchester

Secondary education

1990 Sep to 1992 Oct

The Manchester College

United Kingdom, Manchester

The Manchester College is the largest further education college in the United Kingdom. As the number one provider of 16–19 and adult education in Greater Manchester it is a major education and skills player in the region.

Chef's Degree

1993 jan to 1997 Sep

The Manchester College

United Kingdom, Manchester

Degrees– For kitchen pros, Master's level studies involve focused training with upper tier chefs, and mastery of particular culinary disciplines


Cookery: Vegan & Vegetarian Cooking from Ashburton Chefs Academy in 1989

Culinary art from Ashburton Chefs Academy in 1990

Diploma in Cooking from Times business school in 1994


Certified Chef de Cuisine from American Culinary Federation, Inc. in 1992

Certified Executive Chef from American Culinary Federation, Inc. in 1996

Certified Personal Chef from United States Personal Chef Association in 1992

Exhibitions / Concerts / Events

Mango Cruises (foodservice market)


Mar, 1998

The restaurant show (foodservice market)

Hammersmith Rd, London

Sep, 1999


Line Cook( Executive Dining )

Oman- cleverland

Sep 2004 - Nov 2004

Sous Chef( Ultimate Hospitality )

Colombia- columbus

jan 2005 - Nov 2006

Executive Chef( Tree Hill Restaurant )

United Kingdom- Staford

Dec 2006 - Jul 2012


English - Efficient

german - Beginner

spanish - Medium


food cooking, food photography, food blogging

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